Media Ethics Act of Colegio de Santa Ana

Transactions over networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or the like) and other commercial medial form or source are to be monitored aligning the policy item that Ananians should act in conformity to the requirements of Right Discipline which is based on the principle of self-respect, acceptance of legitimate authority and respect toward others and of others.

This applies to all presently enrolled, previous students and graduate students of Colegio de Santa Ana.

The code further states:

Avoid creating and/or posting derogatory, embarrassing, violent, harassing remarks, images, pictures, videos or any such items over the Internet (covering networking sites, blogsites, etc.) which would directly/indirectly humiliate, intimidate, annoy, offend, much worse destroy the image of an individual (whether a present component of the school, previous student or graduate students).

Any such offence will fall under categories where analogous offences are under (CDSA's Code of Discipline) and subject to the necessary disciplinary action.