Student Services

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry focuses on the spiritual development and upliftment of the students especially those proselytized to other sects of religion.

John Albert E. Santos

Campus Minister

Registrar's Office

This office provides information on admission course requirements, transfers and graduation, and is a repository of student's academic records and other documents - transcript of records, certificates and diplomas, clearances, and certifications pertaining to academic records.

Regina D. Cuenca


Guidance and Testing Center

Counseling, the administration of entrance and other tests are given in this center. It is staffed by trained personnel who may be able to help students with academic and behavioral problems.

Roumayne T. Mañalac

Guidance Associate

Justhine Bern H. Frivaldo

Security Department

The safety and protection of the student's life as well as property is entrusted to this office.

Emilio P. Vergara


The school library has adequate books, magazines, and selected current news periodicals. Computers connected to the Internet are also available. Students are encouraged to use the facilities of the library for their intellectual growth and development. Every school endeavors to have its library and audio-visual facilities administered by a professionally trained librarian.


Delia M. Cristobal

Licensed Librarian

Health Services

Medical and Dental Clinic are provided for and are open during class hours from Monday to Friday and during other school activities.

Dr. Yolanda F. Sandoval - School Physician

Dr. Arlene B. Herrera - School Dentist