Early Childhood Education

Kindergarten Objectives

Pre-elementary education recognizes each child as an individual with his own pattern of growth and development. The curriculum, therefore, provides rich and stimulating experiences, which enables him to acquire the maximum educational foundation, and formation. It gives due consideration to the child's learning habits, skills and abilities, values and attitude for his development into a loveable, happy, growing, useful citizen and Christian child of God.

The Colegio de Santa Ana Kindergarten Objectives are specifically drawn with Christian responsibilities and are integrated with his civic duties as a Filipino child. To achieve the following aims, the Kindergarten Program strives to:

  • Offer enjoyable experience that will help the child create a positive self-image awareness that he is created according to the image and likeness of God, our Loving Father,

  • Provide opportunities for the child to interact harmoniously with others,

  • Encourage creativity through varied activities and experiences at school and at home,

  • Implant in the child a sense of values and attitudes which will make reflectively in accordance with his own phase of development,

  • Create an environment to enhance the maximum development of his senses,

  • Develop motor coordination and form desirable health habits through a well-rounded physical fitness program, and

  • Instill a deeper awareness of self-knowledge through a closer guidance and supervision of both teachers and parents.

Early Childhood Education Teachers

Milky P. Constantino

Kinder - St. Gabriel

Ofelia R. Lacson

Nursery - Cherubim

Kinder - St. Michael

Amalia A. Lacson

Nursery - Dominions

Kinder - St. Raphael

Vivian R. Quindoza

Nursery - Seraphim