STEP 1 - Register Online

Click the appropriate link.

When you receive a confirmatory text or e-mail of successful registration, you can proceed to Step 2.

* For New Student Applicants, the Guidance Advocate will schedule an Entrance Interview. 

After the interview and once approved for enrollment, applicant may proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2 - Pay Enrollment Fee

Once paid, you will receive a text or e-mail confirming your payment. 

Your child is now officially enrolled!

STEP 3 - Purchase books and other school supplies

Click here for price list of books and school supplies. (Prices are for AY 2023-2024)

Books will be available before the start of the school year.


For New Student Applicants, submit the requirements below on the scheduled date of Entrance Interview.

For more information, email or call 8559-4001.

For general inquiries, email or call 8891-6536.

For interested TLC Applicants, click here for the requirements.

Admission Requirements for New Student Applicant

Nursery / Kindergarten

Elementary, Junior and Senior High School

For Senior High School without ESC, QVR from PEAC Website when available.

STEM: 85 and above in Math and Science

ABM: 85 and above in Math

GAS: 83 and above in Math and Science

HUMSS: 80 and above General Average.