Taguig Learners' Certificate

(Application for TLC is now closed)

The Taguig Learners' Certificate (TLC) program is a project initiated under the administration of Mayor Lani Cayetano to help public school students transfer to private schools to decongest the public classrooms and address overpopulation problem.

No need to worry on monthly dues! The TLC program will cover your tuition and enrollment fees. Books* will also be shouldered!

For incoming Grade 7 from Public Schools** who wish to take advantage of this program from the Taguig City Government, please prepare the following requirements and submit them to the Registrar's Office (Application for TLC is now closed):

  1. Download and fill-out the TLC Student Application Form

  2. Download the TLC Certification to be signed by the principal/adviser of current school

  3. Photocopy of ID (front and back)

  4. Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate

  5. Certified True Copy of Form 137

  6. Barangay Residency Certificate indicating either of the parent is a resident of Taguig for at least three (3) years.

  7. COMELEC Certification of either parent (issued after May 9,2022)

  8. 3 pieces 1x1 ID Picture white background (for CDSA Application purpose)

  9. Certificate of Good Moral Character (for CDSA Application purpose)

IMPORTANT: Photocopy all the documents from 1 to 7. Refer to the Checklist on the TLC Student Application Form. Make sure that all documents are complete before going to the Registrar's Office. (Application for TLC is now closed)

* Number of books will depend on the amount allocated by the program.

** Should have studied at least three (3) years in public school.